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We’ve Gone Batty: Get Inspired for Halloween

halloween batsIt’s that time of year when we here in Brelinskyville go batty for all things Halloween. Somewhere along the line we developed a ghoulish fascination with ghosts and goblins, creepies and crawlies. Maybe it’s my fond childhood memories of scouting the neighborhood with a pillow case full of sweet loot or perhaps the home made haunted houses in my parents’ basement were the catalyst for my 
family’s love of Halloween fun.

Whatever the source my kids beg for the day when they can haul the decorations from the attic and begin planning for the annual party. I held out as long as I could this year (since they starting asking in early September), but now that the month of October has officially arrived we’ve begun the process of halloweenifying our home.

I try to focus on grouping items on the mantle or a side table, like a zombie theme with chop sticks, a Chinese take-out box, a sign and some body parts. And none of these props costs an arm and a leg (or a brain or a heart) because we either made them, found them in a dollar store or purchased them on the discount rack at the end of a previous season.


It’s the kids’ job to plan and decorate the haunted basement which always seems to entail a lot of bickering, but somehow they always pull it together in the end without anyone completely losing their head.
forget about straightening those crooking paintings on the wall, they add to the effect

 Ay matey, we keep a couple boxes full of costumes and costume parts. I’m not a fan of spending our budget on such limited wear items, but every now and again I’ve been inspired to sew a werewolf or Super Hero. Most of the time, the kids rummage through the pieces we’ve inherited or stockpiled and they create something all new.

I love bats because what could be easier to fill up your open spaces. A few pieces of black poster board and a pair of scissors is all that’s needed to turn your house into a bat cave the likes of which even Batman couldn’t outdo.

I used a staple gun to fasten fishing line on the backs of these plastic bats then I drape them over ceiling fans
Don’t forget to check back soon to see our outdoor decorating… 

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4 Comments on “We’ve Gone Batty: Get Inspired for Halloween”

  • Wow, you are on top of your game! We have a halloween first birthday party for my youngest and I don't even have their costumes picked out!

  • This is just adorable!! Makes me,wanna decorate! And I love that it's such a family oriented thing fo ,you guys! Very cool!

  • beautiful decorations

  • Haha the Eat Locals sign cracks me up!