Summertime Sonnet by Nikolai Brelinsky

This is an original work written by my 17yo son. With the end of summer fast approaching (too fast as far as I am concerned), I thought his sonnet was a perfect reminder to slow down and enjoy the last days of the season.
Sipping a glass of lemonade outside
The proud screen-door hinges standing open wide
Porch swing swaying lazily, doing its chore
A couple basks in the season they adore

The summer’s sun sends its sharpened beams
T’wards a boy adrift in hammocking dreams
Green grass grows gauntly throughout the day long
The birds in their trees singing high with song
Buzzing cicadas whine all afternoon
At evening, the moths will search for the moon
Bumble and honey bees dance on the flow’rs
Cumulonimbi will bless them with show’rs
When days pass by long and nights are slept fast
This season, we know, will not always last
This summer; a time of growth and good cheer
Lasts only a fourth of every year

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