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mothering Pio Gerard

The Many Faces of Pio

Pio Gerard is rarely out of arms and who could blame us as we all waited so long and prayed so often for this blessing on our family. My daughter is so excited to have a new baby in the house that she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty changing diapers (well actually maybe she minds a little). She’s not quite mastered the art of baby BOY diapering though.

the many faces of precious Pio

here’s a silly little post I wrote after our first night together:

Living in the land of the Midnight Son. 
Soaking in the joy of a newborn’s bliss,
 eager for mother’s milk and comfort. 
Where day is night and night is day 
but all is right and beautiful. 

Thanking God for little Pio Gerard.


Keeping tracking of the number of times he’s held his baby brother. This is his first hold.

first bath

Ten perfect fingers, ten perfect toes…

Found that thumb again

All dressed up for his first Holy Mass.

The nursing gaze is by far my favorite. This picture captures our quiet times together when the world seems to drift into the distance and we focus on one another. It also reminds me of our Thursday holy hour before the Blessed Sacrament, so peaceful and so intense. Perhaps, Jesus relishes our time together in the same way.

A dear friend invited us to make a pilgrimage to Padre Pio’s shrine in Barto, PA while I was still pregnant. I was already contemplating the name Pio in Padre’s honor, but that trip seemed to solidify the choice. Recently, she mentioned she was going back to offer prayers of petition for another friend, so I asked if she could also offer thanksgiving for our sweet blessing. Here is the candle she lit for him.

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