Blessings in Brelinskyville
Finding God's Abundant Blessings In Ordinary Life

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Organizing a retreat, planning a church event or scheduling a home school conference and need a speaker? I’d love to share my experience and insights with your group. Some of the topics that I could cover include:

Home School

Why God Made Me Home School
a talk on home schooling as part of my vocational call and why it’s crucial to reflect on your own reasons for schooling in the home

Shielding Your Family Against Home School Envy
how to discover your reason for home schooling and learning to be grateful for the duties and children God gave to you, plus some practical tips for the home schoolers


Finding God’s Fingerprints On Your Dirty Windows
how God taught my to focus on the beauty and opportunities within my home, plus practical tips for household management in a big family

No More Picky Eaters: Good Manners Solve the Meal Time Battles
why teaching children proper etiquette shouldn’t be a thing of the past and how good manners can solve your meal time battles

Natural Family Planning

How NFP Saved My Marriage
how the principles we learned in practicing NFP enabled us to work through the struggles in our marriage and remain open to God’s Will


A Life of Adoration
how our family became committed adorers of the Blessed Sacrament and how that weekly hour continues to change our lives

Going for Broke

meditating on the stories of the Woman with the Alabaster Jar and the Rich Young Man. How Jesus led me to greater detachment.

Jesus Thirsts for You

how to hear His call in the midst of the noise of family life and ways to respond. Retreat talks based on the writings of St. Teresa of Calcutta.

Grief and Healing

Tasting the Bitter Sweetness of Suffering
from the loss of our firstborn to the two year period of suffering that included four consecutive miscarriages, I discuss how Jesus led me to the foot of the cross and taught me how to trust with abandon


Have something else in mind? Let’s chat and we’ll see what we can come up with. In exchange for writing and presenting a 45-60 minute talk, I ask that you cover my travel/lodging expenses as well as a reasonable stipend for my work.

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