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Lessons Learned Beside My Father’s Deathbed

Rifling through my closet, I was deciding what to pack in my suitcase. Having forgotten exactly what to expect from January weather in Florida, I’d already pulled an equal number of jeans and shorts from my dresser drawers. Now I was left trying to figure out which dress to take.

My stay was going to include a Sunday so I knew that I would want something appropriate to wear to church. But standing there in the center of my closet, I realized there was a real possibility that I would be attending a funeral, too. The frock I chose would have to serve two purposes if I expected to keep my baggage minimal. I chose a simple, black, cotton dress which was well suited for the double duty of Mass and funeral attire.

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We Bought a Restaurant & We Home School, Too

For most of my marriage, I’ve been a stay-at-home mama and home school teacher. My spouse has been the sole bread-winner. When we purchased a restaurant in December of 2015, I assumed that the effect of our decision would be confined to my husband’s employment only. I never dreamed that our choice to buy an eatery would have such radical repercussions on our whole family life, including our home schooling. Continue reading