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Dear Younger Self

important lessons on parenting

Having attended the graduation of son number one last year, we already knew the drill on what to expect when we loaded up our family van and headed north to attend our second son’s high school graduation. Our prior experience certainly benefited the planning for this year’s trip.

With knowledge of the terrain, weather and the sequence of scheduled events, we were more savvy about what to pack and what to leave behind. Remembering the limited buffet menu, we factored in the necessity to stock extra food in the cooler.

Recalling that the baby spent less time sleeping in the port-a-crib and more time hogging the bed between his father and me, we didn’t bother cramming the extra bed into the puzzle of luggage, sleeping bags, snacks, extra pillows and shoes.

This time last year I was patting myself on the back for having actually managed to achieve what I set out to do thirteen years prior. Sure I’d spent those years confidently defending my calling to home school, but when the day came to watch that first son accept his diploma I felt a kind of vindication.

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