Blessings in Brelinskyville
Finding God's Abundant Blessings In Ordinary Life


I am passionate about many things and home schooling is definitely on the top of that list. Several years ago I was hired by Seton Home Study to speak at some of their home school conferences. Through that opportunity I found that, in addition to writing about faith, family and home schooling, I really enjoyed talking with fellow home schoolers.

Then, in the course of time, I was asked to share some of my presentations via other avenues (on Maria Radio and with individual friends). That spurred me to find another means for reaching my audience. I’d absolutely love to speak in person with fellow Christian parents, but I also saw the need to offer my experiences and ideas in other, easily attainable places.

The Home School Educator

So, when my husband encouraged me to begin podcasting, it seemed like the perfect solution. The Home School Educator was born.

This podcast will offer portions of my previously written presentations and new material. I will do my best to include part of the presentations in text format as well, on the blog. Since most of my audience is comprised of busy home schoolers, I aim to keep each podcast to 20-25 minutes in length. So, some topics will span more than one episode.

If you don’t want to miss anything, subscribe. You can find The Home School Educator available for download HERE and on iTunes.