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A Life of Adoration

A Catholic priest friend began a blog while he was still a deacon. His intention was to help his readers grow closer to Christ through prayer. For one of his blog projects, he asked several friends to share their personal prayer testimonies. He asked us to focus on three questions: how do you pray, what is your relationship with the Trinity and have you ever had an intense prayer experience. Below is my story.

My Guest Post

My mother asked me a question which has reverberated in my head for years now. I was in the 7th grade and had just received the Sacrament of Confirmation, when she asked if I’d felt the Holy Spirit. She recalled her own confirmation day and said she’d detected a noticeable change within herself. She’d, literally, perceived the movings of the Spirit.

As for me, I felt nothing. And, quite frankly, that troubled me a little. In fact, I was embarrassed because why, I wondered, had I not been graced in that same way? This question has come up again and again throughout my faith journey. Continue reading